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Lutron T-2 Residential Promo

The Lutron T-2 Residential Promo runs from June 3 to August 31.  Pros in the know are better able to meet the needs of their customers!  To help your pros stay up to date, schedule a Lutron PRO training and selling event. There’s no better way to help educate your contractors, leverage opportunities with Lutron, and help drive sales.  CLICK HERE for promo details!

-July, 2019

Lutron Press Release

Lutron Electronics, the leader in smart lighting controls and automated shading solutions, has signed an agreement to acquire Ketra, whose Natural Light solutions provide the highest-quality light, light that seamlessly emulates daylight in interior spaces. CLICK HERE to read about this new development and Lutron's latest press release in Coopersburg, PA.

-February, 2019